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Websites  |  eMail Marketing  |  Copywriting

Website Design

that clearly delivers your message,

is easy for visitors to navigate,

and most importantly, motivates users to take action.

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Logo Design

Brand identity begins with your logo. Once a successful entrepreneur was asked what he would do differently. To everyone's surprise, his answer was: "I'd have paid more attention to my branding from the very beginning."

eMail Marketing

Build and nurture contact lists of people interested in your products and services. Then reach them through focused sales campaigns and newsletters.

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Contact footer

Kippy does first-rate work, it's as simple as that. Starting with her communication and attention to detail, always letting you know where the project is, to delivering with imagination and credibility. She is a great Wix partner to work with. Highly recommended, will work with Kippy again!

Aris Persidis, Board Chairman, GNB, LLC


The secret is to find the perfect balance between words and images to capture your viewers' attention and guide them to take action.

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